Creating a Hardware Startup: Advice for Hardware Founders from Gabriel Halimi, Co-Founder of Flo Technologies

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“Hardware is hard”, said Gabriel Halimi, Co-Founder of Flo Technologies, when asked what risks he sees down the road for his hardware startup. Indeed, it’s all in the name, and …


Building a Startup in LatAm: Advice from 4-time Serial Entrepreneur Pedro Neira Ferrand

Briana Okyere Tech Startup Advice

With tech giants like Google making a push to foster LatAm startups in 2018, and a number of unicorns emerging in the region over the last 4 years, Latin America …


NYC Tech: Mentorship from Princeton Review Founder, John Katzman

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If your company is perfect, John Katzman wants to hear all about it. “Everybody has warts, everybody farts, every one of your competitors has a CEO that’s tearing his or …