Introducing the October ’14 Cohort of Tech Startup Founders2 min read

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We are proud to introduce our October ’14 cohort of tech startup founders! Our newest members join Founders Network with years of experience in sales, marketing, telecommunications, web development, and more. In addition to running their startups, they can be found writing books, contributing to blogs and news publications (including The Washington Post, Business Insider, The Wall Street Journal, and Fox Business), and advising enterprise companies. We welcome a founder whose startup ranked in the top three Microsoft partners in education worldwide, and another who was recently selected as one of the “most promising CEO’s to watch” by Under30CEO. These founders bring their unique experiences all the way from the East Coast, France, Denmark and the Czech Republic, and we are excited to see their growth and impact in FN!

Rami Essaid, Oct. 14' cohort of  startup founders

Rami Essaid, Founder of Distil Networks. Distil Networks is dedicated to protecting websites against web scraping, competitive data mining, form spam and click fraud. Rami is based in San Francisco, CA.


Ondrej Homola, Oct. 14' cohort of  startup founders

Ondrej Homola, Founder of Corinth. Corinth is a digital elearning publisher that brings text book subjects to life through interactive digital learning content.  Ondrej is based in San Francisco, CA.

jon katz

Jon Katz, Founder of eDivv. eDivv is an online marketplace for trading beauty products.  Jon is based in New York City, City.


david kram

David Kram is in stealth mode. David is based in San Francisco, CA.


Toke Kruse, Oct. 14' cohort of  startup founders

Toke Kruse, Founder of Billy’s Billing. Billy’s Billing is an easy to use online accounting software for small businesses. Toke is based in San Francisco, CA.


Mathieu Labey, Oct. 14' cohort of  startup founders

Mathieu Labey, Founder of Glowbl. Glowbl is a social website where users can exchange ideas, share content and events live, by creating their own “Livestages”. Mathieu is based in Lyon, France.


With the addition of the October ’14 Cohort, Founders Network is now more than 500 members strong! We are excited about the deep and diverse experience sets and perspectives each new member brings to our peer mentorship community of tech startup founders. Together we are taking management and personal risk off the table and ensuring mutual success. Stay tuned to the fnBlog for startup updates, tips and lessons learned from each of our new members. To learn more about Founders Network click here.

Founded in 2011, Founders Network offers lifelong peer mentorship to over 600 tech startup founders globally. Our platform, programs and high-touch service facilitate authentic experience sharing, warm introductions and long-term professional relationships. Additional benefits include over $500k in startup discounts and promotion to 2,000 newsletter readers. Members are located in San Francisco, New York City, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Toronto, London and other tech hubs. Each month our Membership Committee admits a new cohort of full-time tech founders who are nominated by an existing member.

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