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Featuring Will Bunker of

Monday Evening, December 12th

Join Will Bunker, Founder of for a tactical discussion on growth.

Meet NYC Founders Network members and secure an invite to our community of 600+ tech founders.

For a preview, watch Will’s fnSummit 2016 talk in Napa Valley below.

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Testimonials from NYC Members

“Founders Network is a reliable, trustworthy, authentic group of unique founders tackling interesting problems. Being a part of the FN community means I’m able to help others and never feel alone in the journey.”Michele Spiezia, NYC Chair, Founder & CEO Of Bespoke Atelier
“The authentic experience-sharing, and ability to give and receive help from founders who understand what I’m going through is where I see the value. There are some things you can’t talk about with your spouse, or your co-founder, or your exec team. This Network is where you have those difficult conversations.”Jeremy Clement, Co-Founder Of Project Expedition
“This is the best professional network I’ve seen. The community is open, honest, encouraging and practical. While founders might hesitate to ask certain questions elsewhere that might betray ‘weakness’ or doubt, FN lets me take advantage of the fact that everyone here has either gone through these things, or will do so. I’m free to ask my questions. Post my ideas. Talk about things that are working. Share warnings and celebrate wins. We’re all here for each other.”Jamie Smyth, CEO Of TypeEngine

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