News for the Week of April 29: Meghan Conroy of Captureproof Accepted into TechStars2 min read

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Cynthia Schames,Cynthia Schames of AbbeyPost was really excited to announce their sponsorship of the Big Fat Flea plus-sized clothing event that’s coming up in New York City on June 9, 2013. AbbeyPost is an exquisite website that’s dedicated to allowing plus-sized women the opportunity to buy and sell fashionable clothes to other women. The designs are top-of-the-line, and the prices are great!

MeghanConroyWe’re excited to celebrate with Meghan Conroy of Captureproof for being featured in an article on CNNMoney. Captureproof is currently in beta, however, they have been chosen as one of ten startups that are a part of TechStar Chicago. As a result, they will be granted access to a national mentoring network as well as investors from all over the country. This opportunity will provide many resources Captureproof needs to move on to the next level in business. Captureproof is an innovative medical tool that allows users to upload photos of themselves or others for the purpose of keeping track of their progress. It’s also useful for physicians as a way to watch the progression of an illness for their patients.

Josh Kalven, Founder and CEO of NewsboundCongratulations to Josh Kalven of Newsbound for having their unique stacks featured in an article by James Allworth called How Corruption is Strangling U.S. Innovation in the Harvard Business Review. Newsbound is in the business of making complex topics more understandable by breaking down information into slides that include facts, statistics, graphics and more. Readers are entertained by the design, and informed in a way that text alone can never accomplish.

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