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Chad Jackson, Founder/CEO of Sendicate

Name: Chad Jackson
Current Startup: Sendicate
Education: B.A. Art History & Theory from the University of Sydney
Bio: Chad comes from a marketing and advertising background and has lived in Sydney, London, Tokyo, and now New York. He started as a programmer whilst still at the University of Sydney. In the last few years he has created many marketing and social media campaigns, iPhone and web apps, and has picked up a few awards along the way.

Lessons Learned:

  • Thorough planning makes all the difference. But, no matter how prepared we are now, we still have to deal with unforeseen problems in the future.
  • Seeing through your vision takes determination and willpower.

Staying Motivated: Sometimes it feels like the launch is months away or never going to happen. When I become discouraged I think about how delighted our beta users are with Sendicate and the results that they are starting to see. At the end of the day we are trying to empower our customers with a better way to use email. Providing results and a solution for customers is a big motivator and helps me through dark times.

Greatest Mentors:

  • Richard Kirshenbaum is a modern-day Don Draper and has been successful with his own advertising agency. Professionally he has taught me about storytelling and marketing techniques, personally he has been there with relationship advice and helped me learn how to balance work and family obligations.
  • My Co-founder Thomas Mastorakos brings a totally different set of ideas and creativity to the business.

Want to learn more about @sendicate?  Connect with Chad on Twitter @chadyj

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  1. “Thorough planning makes all the difference. But, no matter how
    prepared we are now, we still have to deal with unforeseen problems in
    the future.” Great comment! If there is a way for things to go wrong, they will.

  2. “Seeing through your vision takes determination and willpower.” An often underappreciated point by today’s “pivot-happy get-big-quick” first time founders. Thanks for sharing.

  3. In addition to being a great motivation, having a customer driven mentality is a good business practice. Keep up the good work!

  4. “Providing results and a solution for customers is a big motivator….” Results are never fast enough for me, but it’s a great way to measure effort and prove that you are accomplishing things.

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